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With over 15 years experience delivering the highest quality professional imagery, Peter Stephens Commercial Photography is the perfect partner to showcase your business and services.

Peter Stephens Commercial Photography

We are Devon commercial photographers working across the Uk with over 13 years of professional photographic experience.  Specialising in architectural and interactive media, including interiors, virtual tours, Google street view, products, business, corporate, 360spins, events and gigapixel photography.
If you would like to enquire about our availability, rates, or would like to find out more about booking a professional photographer, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Latest Blog Posts

Student Accommodation

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Here are some of the images we have been producing of Student Accommodation this year for our client CRM Students.

Royal College of Pathologists

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Recently we produced some photography for The Royal College of Pathologists at the RD&E in Exeter.   

Fitness Classes

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Here are some new images of the Fitness Classes available at Ashburn Springs in Cofton Dawlish, featuring photography of there Yoga and Spin classes along with some more of the gym. 

Caravan and Motorhome Club 2018

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Here are some of the images commissioned by the Caravan and Motorhome Club this year.  We had a great time visiting their sites this year, meeting site staff, guests and photographing the stunning scenery in the surrounding areas.

Princesshay Apartment

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Here are some images and a Virtual Tour we recently produced of a lovely Princesshay Apartment currently for sale in Exeter’s city centre, looking over Exeter Cathedral.

Imagery for Eastdon House

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We were involved in a nice project producing imagery for Eastdon House near Dawlish, which included a Virtual Tour and full set of images of the newly renovated Georgian holiday property. 

Holiday Park Marketing Imagery

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Here are a few holiday park marketing images we’ve produced recently for Cofton Holidays.  A mixture entertainment, interiors, events and photos for dog friendly holidays.

The Piano Shop Bath

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Recently we visited The Piano Shop Bath to produce a virtual tour and some photography to update the imagery on their website and social media. 

Chief Mourner’s costume

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Recently we had the pleasure of photographing a rare Tahitian Chief Mourner’s Costume (Heva Tupapau) at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter.  The images are to be used as part of the Oceania exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in London later this year. 

Cinema Projection Room

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I was fortunate to be allowed access to the cinema projection room in Exeter’s Odeon yesterday, so I could photograph the old film projector before it is moved.   

Medieval Exe Bridge

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Here is an educational Virtual Tour of The Medieval Exe Bridge in Exeter, something I have been working on for a while now.  Although a lot of people travel past it daily many people don’t know much about the bridge, it would have been quite a prominent structure in the city being a lot longer that it currently is and with buildings on each side.

Interactive 360vr

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We have created a new interactive 360vr showing one of the features that we can produce in our imagery.  This kitchen 360vr has a number of interactive doors and drawers which once you touch or hover over open and close. 

Halter Hangar

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Product photography of the new Halter Hanger for ‘byHiggins’. 

Stannary Gardens with Jennie Bond

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We were up on Dartmoor recently to photograph the opening of Stannary Gardens with Jennie Bond at Blue Cedar’s Chagford development. 

On The Waterfront Bar

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On The Waterfront have recently had a major update to their bar area, we have been back again to update the photography and Google Virtual Tour. 

Sandy Park Virtual Tour

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New update to the Sandy Park Virtual Tour, with some of the rooms dressed for events rather than being empty as in the old tour, new foyer and external 360vrs.

Snow 2018

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So it snowed again here in Exeter, so I thought I had better get out there with the camera and take some snaps with help from my daughter and Ted.  It was lovely to see Exeter Cathedral in the snow 🙂    Here are a few of them……

New DAAT Shops

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A couple new DAAT Shops (Devon Air Ambulance) have opened over the last few months which we have produced a set of photographs and Google Tours for.   

Ashburn Springs

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We recently produced a number of new images for Ashburn Springs, a fitness studio and gym at Cofton Holidays in Dawlish.  We covered a range of fitness classes and gym based exercises for the purposes of promotion for the Fitness and Leisure provisions.


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We were asked to produce a set of images of Helpline Ltd as the whole team where in Exeter for a meeting, the images will be used for their website and social media. 

J F Stevens Painting

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High resolution photograph of a J F Stevens Painting of Lustleigh Cleve (Cleave) on Dartmoor, Devon for the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter. 

Ted the Lurcher

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Anyone who follows me on social media, especially on Instagram will know that I have a dog – Ted the Lurcher.  One of my clients who follows me asked me if I could produce some images of Ted on Dawlish Warren beach. 

Skola Exeter

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We were commissioned to produce a number of new images for the English school Skola Exeter. 

FSC Nettlecombe Court Virtual Tour

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Recently we updated the FSC Nettlecombe Court Virtual Tour with some new scenes.  Nettlecombe Court is a 16th-century Elizabethan mansion, with some stunning architecture and ceilings.

Photography at the RAMM

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We have been producing photography at the RAMM in Exeter again recently, one of our most enjoyable areas of work. 

Beviss & Beckingsale

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Business portraiture for South West based solicitors Beviss & Beckingsale. 

Digital Humanities Opening

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Recently we provided event photography of the Digital Humanities Opening at the University of Exeter.  

CISI West Country Branch Annual Dinner 2017

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Photographs from the CISI West Country Branch Annual Dinner 2017 in Exeter.

Blue Cedar Homes

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Here are some of the images we have produced for Blue Cedar Homes over the last year, taken on sites throughout Devon and Cornwall. 

Southern Healthcare

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We had the pleasure of producing images for Southern Healthcare of their four care homes in Devon.  

Exeter Cathedral

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We are pleased to publish a new 24 gigapixel image of the Nave in Exeter Cathedral, plus an update on the Virtual Tour.  

IPCC Reception

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Images from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC Reception at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter, hosted by Exeter City Council and the University of Exeter.

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