Gigapixel Photography

Gigapixel photographs are images that are over a billion pixels in size, to put into context an image that is at least 1000x the size of one taken with a 1 megapixel camera. They are usually a composite image produced from a number of images stitched together. The images are extremely detailed and there is much to see when you zoom into it as you can see with the images on this page.

People can spend a lot of time viewing them which will add much value to your website as these images will keep visitors on your site for a longer period of time.

These images require specialist camera equipment, can be very time consuming to photograph and edit. Much time is required to make sure there are no imperfections within the image.

Example Gigapixel Projects

10.92 Gigapixel Panorama looking SW from Blencathra in the Lake District. 223499 x 48869 pixels

7.78 Gigapixel Panorama from the Finca el Almendrillo in Spain

Spherical 2.95 Gigapixel Panorama from the summit of Blencathra – 76872 x 38436 Pixels

5.4 Gigapixel Panorama looking over the city of Exeter

The Chapel at Bickleigh Castle Spherical Gigapixel – 76676 x 38338 pixels – 2.93 Gigapixels

University of Exeter Forum Spherical Gigapixel – 49584 x 24792 pixels – 1.22 Gigapixels

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