Cinema Projection Room

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I was fortunate to be allowed access to the cinema projection room in Exeter’s Odeon yesterday, so I could photograph the old film projector before it is moved.   I have been trying to do some research on the projector, but so far haven’t managed to find much info about it.  It has Zenith X 4000H written on it, though I think that refers to the device with the lamp in?  Cinemeccanica Victoria 5 has come up a few times on Google searches, and images relating to that are similar to the one here.  I will dig around a little more, and perhaps update this blog post sometime in the near future.

The projection room, and non public areas around it are like going back in time.  They don’t look like they have been touched much since perhaps the Odeon was built.  There are many interesting items, including a projectionists diary of films in the late 70’s (yes Star Wars is in there), paperwork going back to the 40’s and various bits of film – mostly adverts I think.

I shot a couple 360vr images in the projection room, and one in the main auditorium.  The auditorium was a bit of a tricky on due to the room being quite dark with large spotlights producing flares on my fisheye lens used to shoot the image.

No doubt I’ve seen many films played on this projector over the years, it was a pleasure to photograph it.

A few years ago I photographed another cinema projection room, you can see the image here.

<- update ->  It appears to be a 35mm Cinemeccanica Projector with a Zenith X4000H lamphouse using a 4kW Xenon lamp – Commonly found in Odeon Cinemas.

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