Gigapixel Image Inside Exeter Cathedral

By 5th February 2017Uncategorised

(Update 03/08/17 – This image has been reshot, view the new image here)

We recently produced a gigapixel image inside Exeter Cathedral, something we have been meaning to do for some time now.  Much planning went into creating this image, even with this it didn’t go completely to plan.  The idea was to shoot the image with a 200mm focal length, though after a few test shots in the nave I went with 110mm.  The reason being that it would have been an insane amount of work to focus stack so many parts of the image at 200mm, even at 110mm it was a lot of work.

Usually we would produce 360VR images with a fisheye lens, around 8mm to 16mm and focusing wouldn’t be a issue.  When shooting with a telephoto lens, two or more photos need to be taken and merged together to insure everything is in focus from the foreground to the background within each image.  For example the pillars closest to the camera had to be focus stacked, else either the pillar or the wall behind it would be blurry.  You can see on the chandeliers in this image how they are out of focus, as I focused on the wall behind and haven’t focus stacked them.

The big issue which is noticeable within the image is with camera shake, which turned out to be because image stabilization on the lens was left turned on.  Whoops !   When using image stabilization on a tripod it can actually add blur to the images.

Although it’s far from perfect, I’m quite pleased with it.  I’ve photographed the cathedral a number of times, and I’ve found details in this image that I’ve not noticed before.  It’s nice to be able to look at the paintings along the Rood Screen in detail.

(update……..  we have reshot the image, and will hopefully find time to finish processing it and publish here soon.)

Screenshots from the high resolution image of the nave

A few other images taken on the day