On The Waterfront Christmas Photography

By 7th December 2016Uncategorised

Exeter restaurant On The Waterfront recently commissioned us to produce some Christmas Photography for next years marketing, we have been looking forward to this for some time.  It is always a challenge photographing this restaurant as there isn’t a huge amount of light in there.  The restaurant is set under the brick arches of a 19th-century warehouse in the cliff face of Exeter Quay, and hence has very little natural light.  One of the hardest challenges was to photograph the restaurant in service, this put the camera right at its limits.  We managed to get a large number of images for our client who will put them to good use for next year’s marketing.

One of our favourite clients, you should try their pizza’s !!  Absolutely the best !!

You can see our Virtual Tour of On The Waterfront here…..  

Photographing On The Waterfront
Photographing a restaurant