We are proud to share with you our Spherical Gigapixel image inside the Nave at Exeter Cathedral.  This is our second attempt at the image, you can read about the first one in January 2017 on our blog here.  We re-shot it as the first time image stabilization was mistakenly left turned on, which caused issues with the quality.  For the reshoot we increased the focal length to 170mm for more detail.  This is the largest spherical gigapixel we have produced so far, it certainly pushed Peter and the computer to it’s limits with a 60GB psb file.  Many days have been spent working on the image.  The rendered image produced from 1082 photos is in total 218296 x 109148 pixels, which is just under 24 gigapixels.

Due to the focal length used to capture this image we had to use focus stacking to allow for everything to be in focus in the scene. The following examples show how we build the images up.

Here you can see how the panorama is constructed with each of the 1082 separate photos, 30 rows and 36 columns plus zenith and nadir.

We also spent time enhancing the stained glass in the great west window…

Screenshots from the Gigapixel image…

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