Ted the Lurcher

By 11th January 2018Uncategorised

Anyone who follows me on social media, especially on Instagram will know that I have a dog – Ted the Lurcher.  One of my clients who follows me asked me if I could produce some images of Ted on Dawlish Warren beachWe’re often down there as Ted loves the beach, although I don’t often take a decent camera with me as these days I tend to use my the one on my phone mostly.  Also beaches are a camera’s worst enemy, especially windy ones.

So we looked out for a nice day, and found one in the week after Christmas – a nice windy one – lovely.  It was propper busy there that day, so much that the parking machine had run out of tickets – but still took my money anyway.  Some of our family joined us for the walk along the beach, one of my cousins and my daughter ended up in the photos which was nice.  Was a lovely walk, which we did twice as somehow I managed to lose Ted’s leed (horse leed) and re-traced our steps to see if we could find it.  Sadly not.

It was nice to finally get some nice photos of our dog ted, we’ve had him a year now and only have photos from my phone of him.  oh…..  and that one I took of Ted when I setup a studio at home which he thought a good idea to get in the way.  (image with the orange background)

For those who want to know….  no we’re not sure what Ted is, we think he has Deerhound and Collie in him.  He was a rescue dog, abandoned by gypsies.  Does he behave himself?  Nope !!!  Recently we have had a bite out of a pineapple, lost half a large box of Weetabix, some instruction manuals, half a jar of Marmite etc……